7m Red Carpet $90.00

8m White Carpet $150.00

7m Black Carpet $150.00

Wedding Aisles $10.00 each or $15.00 each with draped organza

Oak, Black Wrought Iron, Black Metal, Gunmetal Easel $35.00 each

Frame to Suit $15.00 each

Black Table Easel $15.00

Vintage Chalkboard (sits on either easel) $35.00 to hire

Shabby Chic White Treasure Chest with Crystals $45.00

38cm wide x 26cm deep x 28cm high

"NEW" Large White Rustic Treasure Chest with Crystals $55.00

53cm wide x 40cm deep x 36cm high

Shabby Chic White Birdcage $35.00

31cm square, 67cm high

Black Large Birdcage $50.00

39cm diameter, 108cm high

Gold or Silver Wishing Well $40.00 each

25cm diameter, 28cm high (well), 64cm high overall

"NEW" White Wishing Well $50.00 each

36cm square, 34cm high (well), 76cm high overall

White Plinth $45.00 (can paint other colours $10.00 surcharge each).

Ivory Greek Column $35.00 each

Greek Urn $30.00 each

Square Stone Pedestal $35.00 each

Wedding Aisles $25.00 each

Package - Plinth/Urn/Hydrangea (10 stems) $90.00 set.

Chiffon Lined Floral Ivy Bridal Arch $140.00

60cm Round Mirror $10.00 each
40cm Round Mirror $6.00 each

30cm Round Mirror $4.00
30cm Oval Mirror $3.00 each
20cm Square Mirror $2.50 each

20m Clear Strings LED Fairy Lights Warm White $20.00 each

24m White Stings LED Fairy Lights Cool White $24.00 each

12m Clear Strings LED Fairy Lights Warm White $12.00 each

12m Clear Strings LED Fairy Lights Cool White $12.00 each

Classic White Lantern (Large) $23.00 each 63cm tall

Looks great on top of a plinth for a ceremony

Classic White Lantern (Medium) $8.00 each 35cm tall

White Moroccan Lantern $8.00 each 27cm tall

Ivory Moroccan Lantern (medium) $8.00 each

Looks great lining a carpet or aisle or even around the edge of a verandah

Uplight Par Can $50.00 each

Rose Hedges. Look great either side of a carpet or wedding aisle. Can also be used on a bridal table or entry to a room. Dimensions 1m L x 35cm W x 15cm H

$50.00 for 1

$80.00 set of 2

$200.00 set of 6

Rose Balls or Pomanders

15cm Diameter $5.00 each

20cm Diameter $7.00 each

30cm Diameter $12.00 each

Shepherd's Hooks

Adjustable Height $10.00 each

WHITE BALI FLAGS 5m tall, includes pole $25.00 each

Great for a wedding ceremony on the beach or in a park.

Check park regulations before booking as some don't allow spikes in the ground.

SYNTHETIC CANDLES Made from a light weight metal and the size of a pillar candle. Holds a 4hr or 9hr tealight as well as a battery operated tealight. Great for an event where the venue has a "no flame" policy. Even great just so as not to drip wax on table linen. No more droopy candles. Also much cheaper than large pillar candles. $1.50 each.


Collapsible for easy transport and simple setup. Ideal for market stalls, Film/TV Productions and Trade Shows, where transport and quick setup is required. Includes heavy duty castors. Adjustable height 1420mm to 1670mm, adjustable bar length 1290mm to 1850mm. Depth is 560mm. Chrome finish, steel construction.

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